Picket Docs

Start Here: Setup

Get your API key and install your picket library of choice

Get your API Key

An API key is required to authorize your requests when interacting with the Picket API. Requests without an API key will result in an error.
To get your API key, signed up users can go to the account dashboard. If you're not yet signed up, sign up here. API keys are associated with projects to make key management easy.
Within each project there are two types of API keys
  • Publishable keys: These keys are used client-side and are meant for client-side libraries, like picket-js.
  • Secret keys: As the name suggests, these must be kept secret. They are meant for server-side libraries, like picket-node
Authorization to the API is performed via HTTP Basic Auth. Provide your API key as the basic auth username. You do not need to provide a password. When using Picket SDKs, API Authorization is handled for you.
import Picket from "@picketapi/picket-js";
const picket = new Picket('YOUR_PUBLISHABLE_KEY_HERE');
curl https://picketapi.com/v1/{any_endpoint}

Install the Picket SDK

The best way to interact with our API is to use one of our official libraries.
As a first step after ensuring you have your API keys, install one of the picket libraries for the easiest integration. Type the following into your command line
# Install via NPM
npm install --save "@picketapi/picket-js"
# Install via NPM
npm install --save "@picketapi/picket-react"
# Install via NPM
npm install --save "@picketapi/picket-node"
Want to use Picket with other web-frameworks? Let us know at [email protected]