The Auth Flow

An overview of the steps required to authenticate a wallet and authorize a wallet for access based on token ownership (token gating.) Understanding these flows will make it clear what api calls you will require to accomplish your desired outcome. This article also includes a peak under the hood of how the service works.

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Methods for connecting a wallet and retrieving a wallet object using the Picket service. Description of the wallet object when retrieved via Picket.



All the ways you can obtain a signature. The first step in all token gating and authentication flows.


Authentication and Authorization

Methods for verifying a user's wallet and that the wallet holds given tokens.

๐Ÿ”pageAuthentication and Authorization

Good to know: The /auth endpoint can be used to both authenticate wallets and verify token ownership for token gating.

Access Tokens

Everything you need to know about what a Picket access token is, how to get it, and how to use it securely.

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Error codes you may come across and their meaning. We work hard to ensure you don't need this page often.


Supported BlockChains

The blockchains with which Picket is compatible

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Web3 Client Libraries

Recommended Web3 client libraries to help you start building! If you want to start using connected wallets for other on-chain operations these libraries can help you do that.

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