Python Library - picket-python

The official Python library for the Picket API


The official Python library for the Picket API. View it on Github.


pip install -U picketapi

Usage - Quick Start

Use the Picket class to create the Picket API client. It takes a secret API key as a parameter.

from picketapi import Picket

picket = new Picket("YOU_SECRET_API_KEY")


A nonce is random value generated by the Picket API to that user must sign to prove ownership a wallet address. The nonce function can be used to implement your own wallet authentication flow.

A nonce is unique to a project and wallet address. If a nonce doesn't exist for the project and wallet address, Picket will generate a new nonce; otherwise, Picket will return the existing nonce. A nonce is valid for two minutes before self-destructing.

resp = picket.nonce(chain="solana", wallet_address="wAlLetTAdDress")
# resp is of type NonceResponse


auth is the server-side equivalent of login. auth should only be used in a trusted server environment. The most common use-case for auth is linking a wallet to an existing application account.

resp = picket.auth(chain="ethereum", wallet_address="0x1234567890", signature="abcdefghijklmnop")
# resp is of type AuthResponse

Authz (Authorize)

authz stands for authorization. Unlike Auth, which handles both authentication and authorization, Authz only handles authorization. Given an authenticated user's access token and authorization requirements, authz will issue a new access token on success (user is authorized) or, on failure, it will return a 4xx HTTP error code.

resp = picket.authz(access_token="xxx.yyy.zzz", requirements={ "contractAddress": "0xContract" })
# resp is of type AuthResponse


validate validates an access token. validate should be called, or manually access token validation should be done, server-side before trusting a request's access token. It's common to move access token validation and decoding logic to a shared middleware across API endpoints. If the access token is valid, validate returns the decoded claims of the access token.

resp, err := picket.validate(access_token="xxx.yyy.zzz", requirements={"contractAddress": "0xContract", "minTokenBalance": "100"})
# Response is the decoded access token (AuthorizedUser)

Verify Token Ownership

If you only want to verify token ownership server side for a given wallet, tokenOwnership allows you to do just that.

resp = picket.token_ownership(
			  "collection": "METAPLEX_COLLECTION",
			  "minTokenBalance": "3",
# Response is of type TokenOwnershipResponse

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